I am a success coach... I have been working in this field for more than 30 years.

In 70 per cent of cases, my work can be done remotely over the phone or the Internet. In my work, I have used my ability of clairvoyance and helped as much as I can to solve different daily problems. 

The scope of my work includes people, animals, plants and bodies of water. Since 1980, I have been changing the structure of water, and I can structure any water from any distance.

I had started water structuring even before its effects were discovered by scientists.

I have structured water in public and private water towers to solve various health problems of farm animals. 

Harvests have been greatly increased. 

I have been requested to change the structure of water also in South Africa, Australia, Dubai, the USA and other places.

From 1994 to 2012, I was leading the self-development groups of Baltais Aplis (the White Circle), a spiritual cultural centre, in the countryside regions of Latvia to increase the self-confidence, productivity and positivity of people, as well as to increase the harmony within a family and between the people of different nationalities. 

The founder of Baltais Aplis is the late Lilita Postaža, the famous Latvian painter, a philosopher of life and a patriot.

I have been given the ability to feel the quality of water radiation from any distance. When joining the waves of the electromagnetic radiation of water, water becomes thicker. While a water crystal is somewhat stretched, nervously vibrating in the usually tensed environment of human activity, after the cooperation, the same dissatisfied water crystal changes its grid and becomes naturally dense, harmoniously shining in different colours that change according to the degree of pollution within the person or environment (sometimes, water starts to release a scent). 

Structured water remains fresh for years in the container in which it has been structured. 

Current Offer:

1 Beauty and body regenerating bath:

While a person is in the bath, work is done towards the regeneration of stem cells. If the colour of the water becomes dirty, the person must stand up, empty the bath, take a shower and clean the bath. 

After that, the bath must be filled again. Sometimes, the water must be changed even four times during one session that may take up to one hour.

There are separate cases when a small golden mist appears above the bath!

2 Bath for the cleansing of negative vibrations:

Bath of bioenergetically structured water:

While being in the bath, a client has a session over the phone (using the microphone or holding the phone in their hand).

Sometimes, several bath sessions are needed to get the water in the right tone.  

Bath of bioenergetically structured water (bath for neutralising the negative energy)

(The colour spectrum in the water changes according to the degree of the pollution within the person.)

If the person has been affected by a negative environment, the water can even change its colour - from a green, dirty green tone to the grey of swamp mud, a dark brown, or grey tones. 

If the patient has been in a harmonious environment,

the water acquires blue tones or even a tinge of violet!!!